We use art to impact social change

In a time where cross cultural DIALOGUE, social justice ISSUES & racial harmony have a renewed understanding of importance, Grown Women Dance Collective’s work brings people together who may never normally interact WITH ONE OTHER.

This show is so important because it uses art to heal.
— R. Brown - Performer

Our concerts are an incredible celebration of African American culture & U.S. history that HONORS a common love of world class musical genius, with the exquisite artistry of PERFORMERS in THeir 40's & 50's.

Thank you to the drummers and dancers. I liked the flying and music. I felt free.
— A. Beltran, age 5

We create a powerful, healing, common ground for Audience members of all backgrounds To engage each other & experience joyful, thought provoking, cross cultural and cross generational connections Through the arts.

“Mommy, I get it. Juneteenth is Black people’s Seder, but they only got freed from slavery like 150 years ago!”.
— Abigail, Age 8

Renee Brown honors Ray Charles.

Renee Brown honors Ray Charles.