What is Grown Women Dance Collective?

Founded in 2009, Grown Women Dance Collective inspires and empowers social impact through dance and wellness.  Founded by former professional New York dancers of color, GWDC is based in Oakland, California. Grown Women Dance Collective offers  a space for retired, professional dancers in their 40s and 50s to share their light and experience on stage and celebrate African American history. It’s a space for the residents of  Alameda and Contra Costa County to learn, explore creativity, find connections, and heal.

This show is so important because it uses art to heal.
— R. Brown - Performer

What do we do?

Our annual Juneteenth celebration performance creates cross-cultural and inter-generational connections, encourages dialogue, provokes thought, strengthens self-identity, and advances racial harmony—all while challenging stereotypes of what a dancer should be. Our performances are a celebration of African American culture that incorporates a self-empowered view on U.S. history.

Our wellness programs consist of teaching mind and body healing through health and fitness classes. These lessons both heal the individual and heal our society. Our arts and wellness programs are relevant and accessible to diverse and under-served audiences who traditionally have had barriers to access.  

Thank you to the drummers and dancers. I liked the flying and music. I felt free.
— A. Beltran, age 5

How do we inspire change?

We use art and wellness programs to make a social impact in a time where cross-cultural dialogue, social justice, and racial harmony have a renewed understanding of importance. We create a powerful, healing common ground for audience members of all races, cultures, ages, and income levels to engage with each other and experience joyful, thought-provoking connections through the arts. We help empower people to become active agents for change in their own communities.

“Mommy, I get it. Juneteenth is Black people’s Seder, but they only got freed from slavery like 150 years ago!”.
— Abigail, Age 8

Renee Brown honors Ray Charles.

Renee Brown honors Ray Charles.