All donations go directly to bringing the arts and wellness programs to the community. Your donation will help us:

  • Bring kids to see the shows, as well as participate in backstage theater activities

  • Teach free arts and wellness classes to underserved children, adults, and seniors in Contra Costa and Alameda County, and a few in San Francisco

  • Fund the Juneteenth concerts, as ticket revenue only accounts for 25% of the overall cost to produce the shows

  • Contribute to production costs, including theater rental, rehearsal space, costumes, dancers, drummers, crew, etc. to produce high quality, educational concert dance performances

Why Sponsor A Child?


Children of color are bombarded with daily, negative images of self in the media.  Access to seeing and participating in the performing arts is rare for children living in low income communities, and GWDC’s performances are often their first time in a theater.

GWDC concerts are beautiful, educational, inspiring, and full of uplifting multimedia that show African Americans in a positive, empowering, and inspirational light. Children and youth exposed to GWDC performing arts events, master classes, wellness, and Pilates activities experience a positive shift in their sense of self and their vision of their future opportunities and role in their community.

All donations are Tax Deductible.

Corporate partnerships

Corporate partnerships and employer matching grants bring much needed and appreciated financial help to maximize our impact on the communities in which we work.

If your company has a matching grant, we would love to know.