What We've Achieved

  • We've presented 10 years of full length concerts that create cross cultural and intergenerational cultural bridges.

  • We've performed and taught at 11 years of community celebrations and workshops.

  • We've sponsored 1550 enthusiastic, determined, and economically challenged children and community members to experience U.S. history through the performing arts.

  • We've taught 11 years of free dance classes to financially challenged children, and movement, back pain prevention and Fall Prevention classes for seniors.

  • We've created a platform for 37 World Premiers of choreography to be presented.

  • We've elevated the voices of 18 choreographers of color to tell story.

  • We've created dialogue of how community members can get involved to make social impact.

  • We've created powerful, barrier breaking work where people of all races, economic classes, and backgrounds come together to celebrate our common ground as Americans.

“We’ve been trying to get a sense of pride & integrity into the young men in our program for 2 years. You just got into them what we’ve been trying to do in one night.”
— E. Manley, Griot Project

Michael Medcalf honors Michael Jackson.

Michael Medcalf honors Michael Jackson.